Slowing destruction

There are slow forms of destruction that have approached this building: trees too close to the foundation that would in time displace the stone with their roots. And so they must go for now.

My friend Robert Wurzburg stopped by with his chainsaw to give a hand. It’s a reminder that work like this is always a bit of a community effort, that people with other lives and tasks take a moment to lend a hand and their experience. Robert’s an animator and children’s book author. I’ve been lucky to work with him on a wide array of projects over the years and especially lucky that he was able to come handle these too-close-trees.

Gahlord Dewald is an experimental musician, double bassist, and community organizer. His work explores sound as a tactile/textural element of human experience, the regularized spaces within unstable rhythmic structures, and increasing the range of expression among a wide audience.

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