We the willing…

(Meanwhile, Meg, being a long distance vision holder of 32M, visits the Columbia Museum of Art in SC to catch the end of an M. C. Escher exhibit…)

I caught wind of a passing opportunity — a door about to close on a chance to see artwork made by otherworldly skill. It was the last day of the M.C. Escher exhibit, so I hopped right in my car and made the trek. I wasn’t sure how I would feel seeing these works, as they had only ever been images of images relayed to me, thrice removed from their origin. But their essence rang through time and space regardless and I knew I would feel something. And I was right.

At first I wondered how everyone around me wasn’t exclaiming out loud at these pieces! Somehow they happened to be right in front of us. Inches from our faces. It felt like it could be a fluke that we were standing there so close to them. Felt like they were artifacts from another planet; treasure from another world. Their forms so unfathomable you could hardly see the line where they went from drawing, born of someone’s hand, to an immaculate and grand image. Something else entirely. A portal. It was one of those days where each moment felt touched, fated. I could feel the presence of these works settling deep inside me somewhere… ancient gears turning, something unlocking in the depths.

“I am myself: a light. In me you find your fate. So be not blind to the truth shining from my glow.” — Candle Flame, from XXIV Emblemata, 1931 woodcut, M.C. Escher

We all have a unique expression… the possibility of this same force to flow through us — the ability to translate from our own inner world to this one. To be a bridge. Some might still be looking for the key, some might have their door flung wide open.

All that matters is that we try.

We, the willing

— Meg

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