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32M is a multidisciplinary institute that combines art, music and writing in a way that can potentially enlarge and expand one’s creative repertoire. Come visit us for a class or retreat.

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Dream Diving Workshop

Work with the symbology of dreams through art.

Saturday, August 27th — 1-3 pm

We will meditate on the content of our dreams and use simple art materials to express and begin to understand them.

Bring a short dream or a segment of one.

$30.oo limited to 6 people max

Use code “green Symbology of dreams class, in email subject line and receive a $5. discount during the month of August.

Seeing & Drawing from Nature

Where are you going? Live your live fully.
Where are you going? Live your live fully.
32M January 2022
32M January 2022

Helio printing workshop

Our workshop on helio printing was a lot of fun. We took some time in nature gathering interesting specimens and then we each created our own design on fabric and used the sun to make that design transfer.

Julia teaching helio-printing at 32M Center for Creative Work
Meg dyes and begins a helio-print on a camisole at 32M

We are now offering workshops and retreats at our new educational facility (the 32M Center for Creative Work) which is across the street and connected to Golgonooza Letter Foundry & Press. At Golgonooza we have been printing hand-made books for almost 40 years using letterpress from real metal types, woodcuts, and linocuts. We are continuing the tradition of fine printing while adding retreats and classes at 32M to broaden our connection to the improv, art and music community.

using blue dye for helio-prints
Golgonooza Letter Foundry & Press